The Team

We are a group of socially aware and experienced film production and expedition leaders who are keen to be part of a sustainable solution for Africa’s economic development.

Bernard had an interest in African entrepreneurial models and questioned western aid for a long time – this was where the dream was born and over a few chai teas in India the idea grabbed the attention of accomplished film director Drew Morrison. The rest as they say is history…



Bernard Fourie – Project Lead / Producer

Bernard is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. He is an Afro-optimist, ardent scholar and supporter of African economic development. He hails from South Africa and has a particular passion for the development and accurate portrayal of Africa in the west. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Financial Management and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. His hobbies include overland expedition travel and film.



Drew Morrison – Director/Producer 

Drew is a multiple award winning producer and director. His latest award (among many) is A 2011 Promax World Gold Awards. Drew is based in Australia but currently works globally on numerous projects. Drew has a passion for sport and travel and has a number of marathons under the belt.


We self-fund the whole project and we’re now looking for editors, producers and anyone willing and able to give us a hand to produce the documentary – please get in touch.

Alternatively, please join our lending team on to invest directly in an African entrepreneur for as little as $25! No charity here, these guys pay back every loan.