Route Map

We pulled up Thelma’s handbrake at the Cape of Good Hope – after 80 days, 21 countries, 20,383km’s, 3025 litres of diesel, 6 rolls of duct tape, 5 deserts, 1 rubber mallet, countless new friends and memories to last a lifetime. Proudly brought to us by the most beautifully diverse, kind and generous continent on earth. Thank you Africa, love you like a brother.

As it were, we couldn’t set an exact route for this type of trip. We weren’t visiting nanna for the weekend after all. We got (voluntarily or involuntarily) pushed in different directions, depending on the wind and some other variables. But we roughly covered…

MAP 1: Geneva, Switzerland to Iskenderun, Turkey: 3452km, 8 countries

We kicked off near Geneva, Switzerland, dashed through northern Italy, covered eastern Europe, skirted the Black Sea and crossed Turkey to Iskenderun where we finally got Thelma and ourselves on a ferry to Port Said, Egypt.

East Europe leg map


MAP 2: Alexandria, Egypt to Serengeti, Kenya/Tanzania: 7324km, 7 countries

AFRICA! We followed the Nile down to Aswan, bordering the Sahara Desert (which, incidentally, at 2.4million square kilometres is only just smaller than the whole United States). Here our biggest bureaucratic hurdle was to get our vehicle and us on a ferry covering the 550km long Lake Nasser to Wadi Haifa and Sudan. Stranded for about a week while we waited for Thelma to arrive on a different pontoon, we were adopted by a Sudanese family, so generous and kind. Briefly, from here we covered Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, rounding Lake Victoria into Rwanda and Tanzania.

alex to serengeti


Tanzania to Vic Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe : 2856Km’s , 4 countries

We crossed Tanzania, into northern Malawi, before cutting west across Zambia to the Zimbabwe border at Victoria Falls – an amazing natural wonder and most definitely a highlight.

Serengeto to Vic Falls


Victoria Falls to Cape Town, South Africa: 3533km

Entering Botswana, one of the most economically progressive countries in Africa, we passed through the Okavango Delta and my personal favourite – the Kalahari desert before heading for another desert, the Namib, in, uhm, Namibia. From Namibia we entered our last country, South Africa (home to many political greats and natural wonders, but most notably also the top ranked test cricket team in the world ;) We brought the trip to an end on the Southern most tip of Africa with a rather large bottle of champagne.

Vic Falls to Cape Town map


Total Distance:  20’383km 

And putting distances into perspective: