A little taster of interviews and footage coming together…

It’s all slowly coming together. A small selection of interview snippets and footage from our trans-continental, 23000km road trip from Geneva, Switzerland to Cape Town, South Africa…

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Finish line


We pulled up Thelma’s handbrake at the Cape of Good Hope today – after 80 days, 21 countries, 20,383km’s, 3025 litres of diesel, 6 rolls of duct tape, 5 deserts, 1 rubber mallet, countless new friends and memories to last a lifetime. Proudly brought to us by the most beautifully diverse, kind and generous continent on earth. Thank you Africa, love you like a brother.

More photos and updates can be seen on our facebook page : www.facebook.com/africabeyondaid



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Progress so far

4000km’s, 8 countries, western & eastern Europe and a tiny bit of Asia done, done and done. With a bit of luck we’ll be on a ferry to Egypt tomorrow.

For more pictures and regular updates have a look around our Facebook page (you don’t need to use Facebook to see it) www.facebook.com/AfricaBeyondAid


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And it’s T-2…

We’re at the point where over-preparation becomes a frustration now - ready to go. Planning to set off on Sunday 21 April. Nervous but excited!

We’re having slight difficulty uploading photos to the website gallery on the move, but don’t fret, you can still share our trip in pictures… click on the following link and experience a feast of African vibrance, colour and inspiration:


Also, don’t forget to join and ‘like’ us on Facebook & Twitter – (Best bet for the most up to date pictures)

Let the games begin.

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One of our lifts to Cape Town

Slight preparation going into our little road trip, a 3 month, 18’000km one to be exact. From the end of April we’re driving overland (-sea, -lake, -river and -desert) from Geneva, Switzerland to Cape Town, South Africa producing a documentary on inspiring, rural African micro-entrepreneurs along the way. Generally getting up to no good and trying to shed some light on what’s positively up on the world’s most beautiful and exciting continent. We are sure to experience some interesting stuff, so like our Facebook page to follow our progress – http://www.facebook.com/africabeyondaid or stay in touch on this blog. What are you still doing here? Like the Facebook page already… thanks!


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Putting the geography of this little road trip into perspective

Our back of a matchbox calculation (with the help of some technology and our rather questionable ‘wish we paid attention in Geography’ skills) seems to suggest we’ll cover 22 countries, 3 to 5 deserts (depending how you count), a sea and the odd lake & river, totalling roughly 17’165km, give or take a few.

The below pic doesn’t need very many words, but the following fact made me sit up and listen: The Sahara Desert in northern Africa, at 2.4million square kilometres is only just smaller than the whole United States.
Africa in perspective pic

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