About Us


Foley-Overland-Africa1We took a little road trip, a 3 month, 23’000km one to be exact. From the end of April 2013 we drove overland (-sea, -lake, -river and -desert) from Geneva, Switzerland to Cape Town, South Africa to visit inspiring, rural African micro-entrepreneurs along the way. Generally trying to shed some light on what’s positively up on the world’s most beautiful and exciting continent. Africa is host to 16 out of 29 of the world’s fastest growing economies – it is the time to be there or be square.

Africa Beyond Aid is NOT a charity, we are an overland expedition team of passionate individuals producing a self-funded TV and Web documentary on the emergence of an inspirational generation of Africans working towards economic freedom. (PS. We’re now looking for editors, producers and anyone willing and able to give us a hand – please get in touch).


We followed and discovered communities and their entrepreneurial superstars who use innovative entrepreneurial mechanisms to finance development. We lived with these communities and experienced the rebirth of their continent. Africa is on the up, with a new sense and spirit of possibility, optimism, determination & self-reliance – we aim to capture this spirit.

We look at the development and needs of rural African entrepreneurs as an alternative to the western aid model. We aim to uncover the benefits and drawbacks of an alternative blueprint for sustained growth based on the needs of the people.

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We ask if the aid model devised by the West has dumped Africa into a vicious cycle of perpetual infancy and aid dependence resulting in civil unrest, human rights abuse, corruption and economic demise.

Note: we are talking bi- and multilateral aid here, not emergency and humanitarian aid! Many charitable organisations do amazing and much needed work in Africa. But, have aid models applied by governments and organisations such as the World Bank achieved their objectives?


Our journey may not change Africa in itself, but we aim to:

  • Create awareness for alternative models resulting in sustainable development and economic freedom in Africa.
  • Present Africa as the opportunity that it is, NOT dependent and helpless as it is often portrayed.
  • Have fun and open our minds to the diversity and opportunity existing in our world. 

We experienced some interesting stuff, so like our FaceBook page to follow our journey – www.facebook.com/africabeyondaid

You can also find us on the Africa Overland Network: http://www.africa-overland.net/Bio-761-Africa-Beyond-Aid

With a dash of common sense, a bit of luck and good ole fashioned determination we succeeded, I guess you couldn’t really call it an adventure without a few hardships along the away though, but these we overcame to present you with an epic documentary and a stunning visual feast.